Stuarts TEMS 'Feature' note

Here is an 'interesting' bit of info I noticed on my TEMS equipt 3l turbo Mk3.

I have been running with the TEMS diagnostic jumper in for the 'hard' setting on the suspension. you know, where, with 'normal' selected, the lights indicate the direction of the steering, anyway, the story goes as follows:

I had been running like this for a few days, and jumped in my car after work, it was parallel parked. I drove home, and happened to have 'normal' selected, so the little lights were blinking away (as an aside, I have the japanese digital dash, and my suspension is a little picture of a car, with 1, 2, or 3 bars in the 'suspension' position which light up, it also indicated engine, door, and lights warnings on this same 'car' image -real neat!), but I noticed that when driving straight, it indicated that I was dirving left!, and I had to drive hard right to get a 'center' reading (read: REAL hard right, I would have spun at over 50Km/h).

Anyway, when I got home I tested it out, and discovered this:

the 'center' setting on the TEMS is the direction you wheels are at when you turn on the key, NOT the true center! (I had the wheels turned right in the parking place...)

so the moral is: center your wheels before turning on a TEMS equipt car for best performance!

(wierd, aint it!! ;)